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Hi everyone! My name is Erin Coldin and I am excited to announce that I am the new operator of the High Falls property. My brother and I are excited to be approaching our first season, Summer 2017. It is my dream to bring new life to my family's business and share the magic and beauty of High Falls with the world.​ 


Keep reading to learn more about our journey at High Falls and our strategy moving forward 


A lifetime of breathtaking views and  priceless memories

While I am new to the role of a leader, my family has owned High Falls since 2000, when I was just 9 years old. My father ran the business for many years, transforming it into a successful and truly unique vacation experience. My entire family was on deck for the summer seasons, including aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We poured our hearts into the business in order to give customers an amazing experience. As my brothers and I grew up, we were taught about business and were included in both the fun and the work. Everything was a team effort and many ideas were inspired by family hobbies and traditions. A few became sensationally popular and were long-standing High Falls traditions that make up some of my happiest memories, including the waterpark, the legendary Horse Swim, and the rock waterfall hot tub.

Thanks to High Falls, my brothers and I got an early start in business, learning from my dad as we went. I worked every summer in middle school and high school, working my way up from recycling collector to waterpark ticket sales, to office staff to management. Many of my greatest memories and most valuable insights and skills I gained at High Falls, and for that I have always been grateful, and I have always been drawn back.

Since graduating high school, I have been attending university full-time. I have always loved science and it was a dream of mine growing up to get my degree in a scientific field before entering the business world. I received my Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biology in 2015 and recently completed my Master of Science in Psychology specializing in Behavioural Neuroscience from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. My brother and business partner, Andrew Coldin, had always been interested in the construction and designs aspects of the business. After high school he pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Durham College, where he learned the ins and outs of building design and development, equipping him with skills he is eager to apply.

While my brother and I were attending school, my dad ran the business himself and over the years certain aspects of the business became less profitable. Although many customers still loved to spend time at High Falls, my dad was less equipped to handle the rush of busy seasons over time. He increasingly began to enjoy the peaceful and personal aspects of a much smaller business model. Like many small businesses, recent advancements in technology were difficult to keep up with as well. However, my siblings and I know that High Falls is an unforgettable experience that must be shared and we have the opportunity to create priceless lifelong memories for guests from across the world.

This past year, my dad decided to step down as head of the business and allow my brother and I to take control and bring a new business model and new innovations to the business. We bring with us passion for and experience in our business, design & development, as well as the use of scientific and ecological innovations in business. 

We are both very excited to be heading in this new direction and hope that you will join us on our journey at High Falls! :)

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To rejuvenate and revitalize an incredibly unique business, as well as investing in new, 

modern approaches and trends, with a focus on green innovations and technologies.

Building Updates & Renovations
Updated Restrooms
Updated Water system
Green Technology
New Equipment

Updating the business infrastructure with a focus on modern approaches, new tourism trends, and green technologies will allow us to dramatically increase the efficiency, quality and attraction of High Falls Bay Retreat, bringing the quality to the world class level of the location on which it sits.

We are located on the North branch of the Muskoka river, with 7 km of river between High Falls & our Bay, and the next break in the river, Wilson's Falls in Bracebridge. The river is lined with scenic Muskoka pine forest, sometimes leaning into the river, and speckled with beautiful private cottages and chalets along the way. Enjoy a scenic boat ride down river for the day, or make us a stop on your portage journey.


“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”


With the rental of our property, we also offer several other on-site services. This includes the use of our outdoor pool, propane BBQ's and large communal fire pit. Boat rentals are also available through High Falls Waterpark for an additional cost.

Outdoor Hot-tub
Private BBQ Area
& Fire Pit
Local Photographers
In-Town Catering
Bike & Boat Rental
On-site Shuttle service
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